What is Astym?

Astym (Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization)  is a manual therapy procedure performed by a certified clinician.  With proven research, this method of manual therapy helps remove unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or mobility restrictions, while regenerating healthy tissues.  

Scar tissue can form from surgery, overuse injuries, altered body mechanics or trauma.  This fibrotic tissue can further restrict your normal range of motion and contribute to pain. Astym is used for any post-operative condition, once the incision site if fully healed.  An Astym therapist will do a comprehensive evaluation first and will then use special instruments along your skin to increase blood flow to the tissues. This increase in blood flow helps promote a healing response and will help realign scar tissue, improving mobility and function.  

Astym also provides an accelerated healing response to muscle strains and chronic injuries from tendonosis/tendonitis.  In 553 cases of reported Achilles tendonitis, through Astym research, it was found that in only 9 sessions, patients reported being 95.3% improved!  The increase in blood flow to the tendons is what helps produce such great outcomes, which are also proven to be long-lasting.

The Astym treatment, along with strengthening exercises will accelerate your recovery time.  Most patients will notice an improvement in movement and less pain within 3-4 sessions! To learn more about Astym, go to www.astym.com or contact Dr. Amanda at 619-693-8047.